About us

Welcome to SB-Performance,

Far back as a small child, I dreamed of cowboys, Indians and knights. They all had one thing in common, they all had horses. But as a child of parents, who were not related to horses, it was difficult to get the opportunity to pursue this desire.

After many years and becoming an adult, it was back again, this virus “horse”. It makes you not to rest anymore and makes you spend hours, days and years with only one thing: Horses.

So after years without any contact to horses – at once and without warning – I was again touched by this “virus”. The longing for horses was back! Only one thing has changed, I was not a child anymore, I was even in the fortunate situation that I finally was able to fulfill my childhood dream. So I started as an adult, along with small children to learn how to ride at the riding school. Not an easy way for a grown man when funny comments were made by enthusiastic little riding girls. However, the “virus” was stronger and I reached my personal goal: If I keep riding for one year, I will buy myself a horse. I kept riding and I bought my first horse, a grey stallion and that was the beginning. All I have ever done and what I am still doing with horses, is my pure hobby and I am fulfilling my childhood dream: These wonderful creatures are now a part of my life.

I have created this website to share with you the adventures with my horses. Just check out our regular updates and posts.

Enjoy reading and browsing this website. I hope you have just as much joy as I have with the horses.

Sincerely yours,

J. S. Banki