Broadway SB

* 2011 / stallion / grey / Selle Français / 168 cm
Breeder: Richard Levallois, Normandy (France)

Broadway SB, something very special!

Broadway SB is bred by one of the most famous horse breeders for show jumping horses in France, Richard Levallois from Haras du Couvains, or maybe he is better known by his stud name “Semilly”.

Broadway SB grew up at some of the for horse breeding world-famous pastures of the French Normandy. We found him in the herd of the most promising stallion candidates of the Levallois family and after long negotiations we were able to acquire him at the age of two. So he came to Germany in the Summer of 2013.

Broadway SB is a genetic rarity: He combines the best French jumping sires, who competed all at the international championship level, with the precious blood of famous Holsteiner sire and Olympic horse, Carthago Z. Alone in the first four generations of Broadway SB are 11 international show jumping horses! His pedigree reads like a string of extraordinaire jumpers: His sire is the European and World Championship runner as well as Olympian, Mylord Carthago. His dam’s sire is the European and Vice-Worldchampion, Diamant de Semilly. In the third generation we find the participant in World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Games, Galoubet A. As if not enough there is in the fourth generation the World Cup champion and European Champion, Narcos II. All of those stallions have influenced the global breeding of top class show jumping horses like only very little other stallions have ever done. For more information about the extraordinary breeding of Broadway SB click at the navigation point “Pedigree”.

In addition, Broadway SB is despite his young age, already an impressive appearance. Right now he is almost black, but carries the grey-gene. He has a lot of expression in his very beautiful face. He has a well-set neck and a short, strong back. His limbs are very correct with good hooves. He has a very practical and easy canter, which covers a lot of ground. He jumps with quick reflexes and is very careful. Broadway SB is very easy to ride and has an intellegent and very friendly character. In short, he has everything you are looking for in a young show jumping stallion.

As we acquired Broadway SB as a futher sport prospect he got all his time to develop. Therefore he made his 70 days stallion test only with four years, which he passed in November 2015 in Schlieckau. Since then we focused on his future sport career: He was successful in young horse classes and is placed up to 1,40 m classes.

Broadway SB is licensed for all Southern German studbooks (DSP). 

Broadway SB’s pedigree is something special! He combines extraordinary sporthorses like beads on a string, each of his sires has written history in sport and breeding. Broadway SB combines a huge amount of performers, as it will probably not be found in many other stallions of his age.

His father, Mylord Carthago was victorious in the 1.60m Grand Prixs of Vienna, Helsinki and Paris; besides that he was only as a nine years old horse placed in Aachen, Rotterdam, Cannes, Chantilly, Dublin, Valkensward, Hickstead, Oslo, London Olympia, Stuttgart, Lyon and Helsinki. He was part of the winning French team at the Nation Cups of Gijon and Aachen. Furthermore he became European Champion with the French Team in Madrid 2011, Vice World Champion with the Team in Kentucky in 2010 and was a participant in the Olympic Games in London 2012. Alone because of these achievements he becomes one of the most successful show jumping stallions in world during the recent years. Mylord Carthago’s sire is one of the most famous Holsteiner stallions ever, Carthago. He also was a two-time Olympic horse and the winner of the Nation Cups in Aachen, Rotterdam and La Baule. The dam of Mylord Carthago, the Jalisco daughter Fragance de Chalus, was successful in 1,40m classes. She bore – thanks to embryo transfer – in addition to Mylord Carthago 14 international show jumpering horses!!! Six of them have been successful in 1.60m classes so far.

His dam’s sire Diamant de Semilly is according to the WBFSH Sire ranking 2015 the best jumping sire in the world! He was as a sport horse one of the best jumping stallions in the world: he won the Gold Medal with the team at the World Championships in Jerez in 2002 and was ninth in the individual ranking. Furthermore he won the Silver Medal with the team at the Europeans in 2003. He was moreover, French Champion in 2002 and successfully at the Nation Cups of Aachen, Rome and Donaueschingen. He won and was placed in many Grand Prixs in whole Europe. He is already in his lifetime the best sire in France and produced many approved stallions in whole Europe, such as the Holstein licensing champion Diarado. Diamant de Semilly himself is a son of Le Tot de Semilly, who won or was placed in 22 international and 63 national classes between 1988 and 1991. Furthermore, he was victorious with the team at the European Championships for Young Riders and fourth in the individual ranking at the age of seven. Then he was successful at some international shows, like for example in Wiesbaden and Gijon. In addition to Diamant de Semilly, Le Tot de Semilly is also the sire of Edwina Tops-Alexander’s Itot du Chateau. Let Tot de Semilly is again a son of one of the most important French sires ever, Grand Veneur, who is also the grandsire of the European Champion 2013, Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois.

The third stallion in Broadway SB’s pedigree, Galoubet A, was also internationally successful and his blood has been demanded for decades in the international showjumping breeding. So the first and third of the Grand Prix of Aachen 2013 Big Star and Palloubet d’Halong, were Galoubet A-grandchildren. In addition, the blood of the Galoubet A sons, Baloubet du Rouet (Olympic gold medalist and three-time winner of the World Cup final) and Quick Star, is listed in the top of the WBFSH sire ranking lists during the last years.

In the fourth generation Narcos II is following in Broadway SB’s pedigree. This stallion was already successful at the age of four to six in the French National Championships. In addition, he was participant in the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988, won puissance competitions over the hight of 2.25m and was later even with Junior or Young Rider twice victorious at the European Championships. Due to the success of his descendants, he was repeatedly French stallion of the year and is still successful as a sire. Narcos II is also the grandsire of Olympic champion 2012, Nino des Buissonnets.

Broadway SB’s pedigree is rounded up by the thoroughbred Night and Day xx in fifth generation. He also influenced the French Jumping Breeding and is in Germany especially known as the grandsire of the Olympic champion in 1996 in Atlanta, Jus de Pomme (Ulrich Kirchhoff).

Also the dam line of Broadway SB is very promising. Before his mother Sing Sing Semilly went into breeding with Mylord Carthago (Broadway SB is her first foal), she was victorious as a four year old in some young horse classes. Because of her quality, her descent and her inheritance she is since then in breeding. She was later crossed with Arko III and Non Stop.

The grandmother, Julia de la Sapaie, was acquired by the Levallois family at quite an advanced age and was only used for breeding. She is one of the last direct daughters of Galoubet A. We were able to visit her during the World Equestrian Games in Normandy and despite her advanced age and many born foals she is healthy and still fertile. At the Haras du Couvains she is bred to Diamant de Semilly every year: From this crossing comes also Tam Tam Semilly, who is successfull up to 1.45 m classes and one of the most expensive broodmares at the Big Apple auction 2014 in Deauville, Vikinawa Semilly.

From the motherline come several approved stallions and who are successful in show jumping.