R. I. P. Alizee du Tillard

R. I. P. Alizee du Tillard

  • date
  • 17. November 2015

We had a very painfull loss today. After a very bad fall at the paddock last Saturday, we had to put down Alizee du Tillard today. We are heartbroken and very sad about our loss. 

Although we just had her a few months, she had already a big place in our hearts. The talented young french mare was since some weeks with Lisa to get some first education. She developed very well and we had already first plans with her. However, as often in life, it happened differently….

Last Saturday we got a call, that Alizee du Tillard had broken her right front leg. We decided to bring her into a clinic and try our best to keep her at least for a happy retirement in the field and maybe become a breeding mare. Though after some days with new x-rays, we got sad news. She had a comminuted fracture in her front knee. The forearm pushed from above into the broken joint. Therefore we could have only helped her with a very complicated operation, whereat the joint would have become stiff. In our understanding for horses, not a good decision for such a powerful young horse. The other option would have been to hang her up for several weeks, to keep her body wight from the legs. Both options had not very promissing chances of success. Therefore we decided to give Alizee du Tillard to the ever green fields with our beloved horses Delara SB and Sulti. We think it was the right decision to spare the horse all the pain for such few chances of success.

R. I. P. Alizee, we will never forget you!